Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Resurrection

It has been indeed a long time since I added something to this blog space. [Huh.. How many times the same thing I've told you before also? :(].

This time I was doing something behind the scene. I was working on starting another blog. And peeping into my mind is now fully reloaded in a new suit. Wordpress seems to be friendlier than blog spot. Also I had to face lots of difficulties since the upgrade of beta blogger to New blogger. Many a times I felt like trashing the entire blog due to frustration.

Anyways wordpress seems to have solved all problems now. Also I got a domain name and Tuning helped me in setting up the wordpress. You can find reflections of my mind at Peeping Into My Mind.

And the sail will be continued in a better and efficient way.

Check out for first hand experience.